Peru seeks entry of agricultural products to China
Peru seeks entry of agricultural products to China

Peru seeks entry of agricultural products to China

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) on Thursday reported that the National Agricultural Sanitation Service (Senasa) holds technical meetings with the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) to facilitate the entry of Peruvian agricultural products to that country.
Via virtual conferences, the health authority has been handling the entry of agricultural products such as poultry, pork, pomegranates, bananas, pecans, blueberry plants and processed fruits (frozen avocado pulp, blueberries and mangoes).
«Led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Senasa continues its field activities, protecting family agriculture nationwide and managing greater opportunities for Peruvian producers at the international level,» Senasa’s head Miguel Quevedo stated.
In order to authorize the entry of these products to their markets, authorities in each country conduct the respective risk analysis, both for pests and diseases, in order to establish health and phytosanitary measures for the import or export of products of plant and animal origin.
Senasa has maintained official communications with Chinese health authorities after they expressed interest in importing pork from Peru on their last visit. 
Therefore, official inspections are expected to be carried out as soon as the COVID-19 health emergency ends so as to establish the work protocols for the export of meat products.
Additionally, Senasa has requested China to recognize Peru’s status of ‘foot-and-mouth disease free without vaccination’ granted by the World Organization for Animal Health in May 2018.
Senasa aims to ensure agricultural health nationwide and provide Peruvian producers a great alternative for commercialization, which generates greater profitability and an improvement in the quality of life for their families.
Published: 8/13/2020

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